Professional Tax is a tax which is levied by the state government on the income, in the same way Income Tax is collected by the central government. The tax is deducted by the employer from the salary or wages of the employee, and it is the responsibility of the employer to deposit it with the government. The accompanying paperwork for the process includes registration application for new employees, fund deposits and filing of returns.

With our expert and timely services, you can be assured that this extensive procedure will be made really easy.

  • 1. Registration - We manage all your paperwork for enrolment under Professional Tax and provide assistance in applying for tax exemption.
  • 2. Payment of Tax and Refunds - We file periodical tax returns in Form IIIB, it maybe monthly or annually (depends on annual turnover) and help in claiming tax refunds in case of excess payments.
  • 3. Rectification or Amendments - We provide assistance in rectification or amendments in any document.
  • 4. E-Filing - We make a complete structure for e-filing of taxes and refunds. So, that after a while the system is incorporated in the industry. Filing of taxes and refunds are managed by the internal team only. Form IIIB and MTR-6 all are available for E-Filing.

Optimum Compliance Consultants over 20 years of experience will always ensure you the optimum guidance.