Labour laws are focussed towards improving the working conditions and quality of life of the workers. There are extensive policies and schemes aimed towards providing social security, regulating working conditions, eliminating child labour and promoting skill development and employment services. Labour laws is a very complicated area that calls for specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure complete compliance.

  • 1. Procedure - One time audit is conducted before the assignment of current status of statutory compliance. Evaluation of current condition is done. Periodic audits are carried out for vendor compliance status.
  • 2. Amendments and Compliance - Information on amendments/notifications under various legislation. Timely compliance and adherence to all statutes and labour laws norms.
  • 3. Litigation Matter - Any matter related litigation, associated cost that may arise out of non-compliance is handled by us and made sure not extra penny is wasted. Presenting your document and representing your cause in absence of you before the concerned authority. Attending Enforcement Officials while inspection of records.
  • 4. Maintenance of Records - We prepare and maintain the various records that are relevant to compliance.

Optimum Compliance Consultants over 20 years of experience will always ensure you the optimum guidance.