The Factories Act has been enacted to regulate the working conditions in factories and to ensure provision of the basic minimum requirements for safety, health and welfare of the workers as well as to regulate the working hours, sanitation, age of commencing work and protection against accidents. Also the Act ensures regulation of leave, holidays, remuneration and the employment of women and children. Any violation reported by the visiting officer results in huge amounts of fine.

No matter what the size of your organization is - small, medium, or large - you will no doubt face the growing challenge of complying with the rapidly evolving and highly complex compliance requirements. We combine our knowledge and expertise with excellent and timely administration to ensure a timely completion of the voluminous compliance activities for your factories.

  • 1. Registrations and Licenses – We help in the registration and licensing for the compliance and also provide assistance for renewals or amendments in factory Act license.
  • 2. Preparation of Records – We prepare and maintain document related to statutory records and prepare and submit the periodical returns.
  • 3. Audit and Facilitation – We provide audit of contractor's statutory documents and also the periodic audits for checking the progress, and are available at the time of inspections.
  • 4. Drafting and Litigation – We draft all legal matters and also handle the representation before the appellate authority.

Optimum Compliance Consultants over 20 years of experience will always ensure you the optimum guidance.