In the present day, globalization is increasing at a very high pace, resulting in profit oriented economies which in turn leads to the promotion of contract labour. As a Principal Employer, a company needs to take utmost care when they engage a contractor. Besides being compliant themselves, they have to ensure that the contractors engaged by them is also compliant to all laws. Our contract labour compliance services, headed by our team of experts, are beneficial for all stakeholders: the principal employer, contract workforce and the contractor.

  • 1. Contract Labour Licensing - We provide all the required services to the principal employer, including the compliance audit, performed mainly to ensure the compliance status as per the Sections / Rules, under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act.
  • 2. Registration - We assist the principal employer in getting registration certificate under contract labour act and obtaining labour license or any amendments in their existing registration and renewal of labour license.
  • 3. Maintenance - We prepare and file returns with the licensing authority and document all details under the contract labour act like registration of contractors, workmen employed by contractors, wages, overtime, deductions, advances, fines etc.

Optimum Compliance Consultants over 20 years of experience will always ensure you the optimum guidance.